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Let's Flourish

It's finally 2018 and I'm still marking 2017 down as the date but I'm sure I am not alone. Haha.

People are right, the older you get the more it seems like time meshes together, especially when you are staying as busy as I am. As we all know, everyone has huge expectations going into a new year and they should. I'm not saying that this is bad but it seems like sometimes we can get so pumped about what's to come that we really don't take the time to fully process exactly what we want to come. With as fast as our economy is moving today, I feel like most people have a general idea of what they want to accomplish and how, but not a full grasp.

This exact thing has been on my mind since New Year's Day and it wasn't until that night that it really grabbed me. I was scrolling through IG ( like most of you ) when I came across a post with the caption, "If you could describe what you want for 2018 in one word, what would it be?" I thought about it for a second, mainly because I didn't want to type anything cliche, but also because I honestly didn't know what I truly wanted for this year. Like I said before, obviously I have a large amount of ambition going into the New Year but so what... how would I make this year a highlight versus any other?

That's when I realized what I needed to do.


Not only grow, but FLOURISH.

Last year my mind expanded tremendously in design, fashion, and other parts of my life too. I made lots of moves and was constantly on the go, which will never change. But this year I want to make moves on a larger scale. A scale to where things start FLOURISHING. I don't just want to build myself, my brand, and others around me up. No, I want us to FLOURISH and that is exactly what will happen.

To all my friends, family, and supporters,

We all have High Value, let's FLOURISH together.

-Humble Days

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